Character Sketches

Character Sketches

Character Sketches


recorded by Dallas Tidwell, clarinet

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Total Duration: 51:56

Recorded 2007-09 at Margaret Comstock Concert Hall, University of Louisville. Produced by Roslyn Mattingly and Amanda Boyd. Engineered by Phil Stirgwolt, Tim Haertel, and Chris Jones.

for solo clarinet

©1973 Centaur Records, Inc., Baton Rouge, LA
Length: 9'
CD CRC 3030

Program Notes

This, along with a couple of song settings, is the earliest of my pieces that I am still interested in having performed (like many composers I have withdrawn most of my earlier efforts). It was written during my second year away from home at college, and is a musical depiction of several people I knew in high school.

Character Sketches was written for my friend, clarinetist John Wheeler, who I went to junior high and high school with, and with whom I made music many times in many different groups. Character Sketches was given its premiere by John Varineau at a concert of music by American composers at Michigan State University.

Originally I had put initials with the movements, and given brief verbal descriptions of the people involved, but I think at this point I will let the music speak for itself. Three of the pieces are fond reminiscences, and it won't be hard to figure out which one is not.