Imágenes al atardecer (Dichos de luz y amor III)

Imágenes al atardecer (Dichos de luz y amor III)

Imágenes al atardecer (Dichos de luz y amor III)

for alto flute, cello, marimba, ceramic bells and rainstick

Program Notes

Imágenes al atardecer (Images at Sunset) is a short meditative piece inspired by a sunset I saw on the western Mexican coast near Guaymas. I am not a poet, so I will make no attempt to describe it, but it was beyond question the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen. I doubt that I will ever see its equal.

As I sat on the beach watching the colors slowly change, fish were jumping out of the water and splashing back in, I heard church bells in the distance, and for some reason, a favorite Mexican folksong (La llorona) came into my mind. This is somewhat puzzling, as the song has nothing whatsoever to do with sunsets.

Fragments of the this melody are woven into the texture of the piece, and towards the end the off-stage cello sings it in its entirety. Most of the other musical imagery in this composition is fairly obvious.

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